EAT DRINK LOVE ITALIAN LTD is a media platform, part of TFO group, that deals with brand strategy and identity design such us: brand positioning, visual identity, digital and design development, content generation, copywriting and editorial, interactive media. EDLI has a special approach to event coordination and organization consultancy. It develops talent promotions and public relations strategies.

#EATDRINKLOVEITALIAN, stands for worldwide awareness of Made in Italy, in particular the Italian culture and lifestyle, presented in a more innovative way. We collaborate with big brands and for that reason we are committed to high standard profiles, but at the same time we know how to present small and medium companies with big personalities that we particularly choose to work with.

Each year, in different locations, #EATDRINKLOVEITALIAN organizes a two-day bespoke event, open to the public, that helps to promote and create networking at various levels for all the companies which during the year we choose to work with. The purpose of the events is to raise awareness of Made in Italy and its quality in all fields.